Guidance from plan to realization



How can you redesign your IT organization to achieve your business goals? We align your IT and business strategy, make an inventarization of where you are and provide insight in what you need to address in order to achieve the desired results. This is the phase in which you discover what you need to make the right choices.



Your business goals are clear and ambitious. To actually achieve them, the IT solution must be manageable. With a Bolt Roadmap Design, we frame your IT landscape and plan for achieving your ambitions.  This is the phase where you make fundamentally sound choices.



Together we move on to delivering results. We deploy the right people and knowledge from our Brain and share them with you. As a result, you learn from our results-driven approach. We call it Bolt Brain Power. This is the phase where you see what our collaboration will do for your organization and goals.

Overrun in time and cost has become standard in IT

It started with the experience of our co-founders - previously CEO and CTO themselves - that achieving IT goals really could be different. What would happen if you were assisted by a multidisciplinary team of experts who put your results first? A team that doesn't think in billing maximum hours and effort, but in results. With our flexible services we offer full circle support, at a fixed price. With unlimited commitment, whatever it takes, so that you can achieve the desired IT result within the set expectations, costs, and time.

We connect, you stay in control

Working with Bolt it is working with our complete Bolt Brain. We think in interlinked connections as one working flow, strong in connecting knowledge. Exactly like a brain connects all the crucial parts in a body. Our team therefore consists of both IT and strategic specialists who work with you and each other at the intersection of business and IT.

We ensure that you embed our knowledge and expertise in your organization. In doing so, we focus on the sustainable management of your IT results. You remain in charge of the software, suppliers, contracts and agreements you make. We enable you to independently make the best choice for your results. This ensures that everything you do in the field of IT contributes optimally to the desired business result.

Extra knowledge without extra costs

Depending on the IT change required to achieve your business goals, we deploy our specialists and services without limitation or additional costs. We always deliver the desired IT result within the agreed time and costs. Very predictable, while ensuring the quality you have in mind.

We do things differently

  • Flexible IT services, with unlimited commitment, focusing on results. 
  • Full circle guidance, from plan to realization. 
  • A multidisciplinary team of interacting IT and strategic specialists that thinks fully integrally. 
  • A team that does not think in terms of hours, but in terms of results. 
  • Specialists who share and collaborate with you, so that you can permanently embed our result-oriented way of working in your organization. 
  • We are independent and our focus is on your results. This allows you to make the best choices for systems, suppliers, contracts and agreements that matches your goals
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