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Vendor Management

With good vendor management, you make sure your vendors, the contracts you have with them and contract agreements you make with them always work in your favor, so you get the results you want.

Vendor management is often seen as “something that has to be done.” Your company needs something now and can't do it itself, so you need a supplier. The process can be exhausting due to lengthy selection procedures and often leads to an unwanted dependence on suppliers, which can cause frustration and inefficiency. Perhaps you feel caught in a web of contracts and service-level agreements (SLAs), with no vision of clear added value. How do you keep it organized and ensure that vendors deliver to you - no matter what?

Transform vendor management from an onerous obligation to a strategic advantage with the Bolt it approach. 

  • Procurement 

  • Due Diligence SaaS Vendors 

  • Vendor and software selection 

  • Cost management 

  • SLA and KPI agreements 

  • Vendor control

Make sure your suppliers deliver what you expect of them

Reduce IT risks with vendor management

Traditionally, vendor management was seen as a way to control costs and maintain service-level agreements (SLAs). In today's IT ecosystem, where innovation and agility are key, it is essential to view vendor relationships as strategic partnerships.  

This means a shift from a purely transactional focus to a collaborative approach. By working closely with suppliers, you can respond faster to changing market needs and innovate together.  

This includes being in control of the SLAs mentioned above. You want to innovate at your own pace and not be held back by vendor constraints. If changes are needed to enable new features, they should be made in a reasonable time frame. Don't become one of those companies that has to wait months or even longer before the requested change is implemented due to unclear agreements with a vendor. 

Use our Bolt services and expertise

Start with one of our services, after which you can always hire us to actually achieve the desired results. Get in touch and discuss the possibilities! 

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Bolt Brain Scan

 Curious about the opportunities and risks of your current vendors, contracts and contract agreements? With a scan we take stock of where you stand and provide insight into what you need to address to achieve your IT goals.

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Bolt Bootcamp

What result do you actually want to achieve? This workshop helps the stakeholders involved to focus on where you want to go. Use one or more sessions to discover what good vendor management means to your business. 

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Bolt Brain Boost

Do you need a vendor manager immediately? We provide you interim expertise. Our professionals work at the interface between business and IT to deliver you the results you are looking for.

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Bolt Roadmap Design

We create a blueprint of your unique and best route(s) to results. We provide you with several scenarios to choose from, including a feasible schedule, insight into deployment of people and resources, milestones and costs.

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